The Seneca County Common Pleas Court is a trial court of general jurisdiction that was created by the Ohio Constitution and established in Article IV, Section 1. It is charged with providing prompt and fair resolution of litigation in civil, criminal, and domestic relations cases for all of Seneca County.

As outlined in the Ohio Constitution, Article IV, Section 4, the General Division of the Seneca County Common Pleas Court has jurisdiction over all felony criminal cases and civil cases of a serious nature. Civil cases arise from a broad spectrum of issues that include, but are not limited to, negligence actions, appeals of decisions of administrative agencies, contract or labor disputes, foreclosure actions, declaratory judgment actions and actions for injunctive relief.

The Seneca County Common Pleas Court also has a Domestic Relations Division. This division of the Court has jurisdiction over divorce, dissolution, alimony, child support, and custody in family disputes.

“This website was designed to share information with the citizens of Seneca County about their Court and its various divisions. We will continue to promote and enhance Court services to provide equal justice to all Seneca County citizens.”

― A Message from the Seneca County Common Pleas Court

Judge Steve C. Shuff



Judge Damon D Alt


Judge Steve C. Shuff

Magistrate Kenneth C. Clason

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Tiffin, OH 44883

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Judge Damon D. Alt

Magistrate Rebeka Beresh

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