Below are many of the forms needed in relation to your case for the Domestic Court as well as for forms for sealing of records for criminal cases.


Please be aware that none of the forms presented on this website contain instructions or legal advice regarding your rights, responsibilities, and legal options. To become fully informed and to gain the answers to any questions regarding these, you should seek the advice of an attorney.

Domestic Relations Forms

Below are many of the forms needed in relation to your case for the Domestic Court. Please be aware that all the forms you need in regards to your specific case may or may not be available, in which you may need to contact the Court directly to obtain the forms that you will need.

Domestic Relations Packets

Below are many of the common cases and scenarios seen by the Domestic Court on a daily basis. Please select which case best fits your specific scenario or select an individual form from above.

Other Forms

Sealing of Criminal Records

Forms below are required to be filled out and filed with the Clerk of Courts Office in order to request the sealing of a record from public knowledge. Please select only one of the top two forms that best fits your situation, along with the Ohio Attorney General’s form.  Sealing of Records forms are for criminal cases only.

Additional Resources

Additional programming and services provided by the court.

Court Rules

The local Court Rules herein shall apply only to the General and Domestic Relations Divisions, except as otherwise specifically provided.

PIVOT Program

"Participating in Victory Transition" is a program that helps participants get back on the right path and assists with long-term sobriety.​

Civil Mediation

Mediation is a process whereby the parties meet with a person not connected with the case, who is trained in dispute resolution.

Pretrial and Probation Services

This section deals with Pretrial and Probation Services