Domestic Relations Forms - Individual Forms

This page contains many of the forms needed in relation to your case for the Domestic Court. Please be aware that all the forms you need in regards to your specific case may or may not be available, in which you may need to contact the Court directly to obtain the forms that you will need.

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Please be aware that none of the forms presented on this website contain instructions or legal advice regarding your rights, responsibilities, and legal options. To become fully informed and to gain the answers to any questions regarding these, you should seek the advice of an attorney.

  1. • Instructions

  2.  Affidavit of Income and Expenses

  3.  Affidavit of Property

  4.  Answer with Children Involved

  5.  Answer without Children Involved

  6.  Classification Form

  7.  Complaint for Divorce with Children Involved

  8.  Complaint for Divorce without Children Involved

  9.  Counterclaim for Divorce

  10.  Dissolution of Marriage

  11.  Explanation of Health Care Bills

  12.  Final Judgment for Divorce With Children

  13.  Final Judgment for Divorce Without Children

  14.  Health Insurance Affidavit

  15.  IV-D Application

  16.  Judgment Entry/Magistrate Order

  17.  Judgment Entry Converting Interest in Real Estate

  18.  Judgment Entry of Dissolution of Marriage

  19.  Motion and Affidavit or Counter Affidavit for Temporary Orders Without Oral

  20.  Motion for a Change of Parental Rights

  21.  Motion for a Change of Parenting Time

  22.  Motion for Change of Child/Medical Support, Tax Exemption, or Other Child-
    Related Expenses

  23.  Motion for Contempt

  24. Financial Disclosure / Fee-Waiver Affidavit

  25.  Motion to Review Family File

  26.  Motion to Review Family File (Non-Party)

  27.  Notice of Filing in Family File

  28.  Parenting Proceeding Affidavit

  29.  Parenting Judgment Entry

  30.  Request for Service

  31.  Separation Agreement

  32.  Shared/Parenting Plan

  33.  Show Cause Order - Notice and Instructions to the Clerk

  34.  Waiver of Service of Summons